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AWS & Linux Technical Training

AWS & Linux Technical Training

Semos Education and Novus invite all unemployed and underemployed people from Kosovo to apply for FREE training based on official AWS curricula.

Funded by the KODE Project, AWS & Linux training will give you a wide range of AWS cloud skills to help you land your dream job and earn more money.

Program Outline

IT fundamentals for cloud concepts


AWS fundamentals

AWS System Architecture and Operations

Soft skills

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AWS & Linux Training

By the completion of the AWS Cloud and Linux training, participants will possess a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing and the AWS platform, allowing them to efficiently implement, manage, and monitor solutions. They will have hands-on experience in working with AWS' core services such as virtual networks, storage, compute, and security. Furthermore, they should have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the Linux operating system. The training will impart the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently tackle real-world challenges in AWS cloud and Linux.

  • Age: 16+
  • Employment status: unemployed or underemployed
  • *The applicants capable of proving their active search for employment via public employment centers should be given an advantage in the selection process
  • English proficiency: working proficiency in English based on self-assessment
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The Youth Online and Upward (YOU) program is implemented by the KODE Project, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and supported by the World Bank.

All Trainings are Complimentary / Free of charge for the successful applicants.

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About KODE

The Government of Kosovo has been supported from the World Bank to implement the Kosovo Digital Economy (KODE) Project. The KODE Project implemented by the Ministry of Economy will finance the critical fundamentals needed for digital transformation and Policy fulfillment. It will provide high speed broadband infrastructure and support access to labor markets, new sources of knowledge, and public services to households and institutions in Project areas. At the national level, the Project will train and connect youth to employment opportunities through YOU Program and improve access to knowledge sources, including to better reaching and collaborations opportunities to High Educational Institutions.

YOU Program will finance provision of training for young people and their connection to working opportunities. The activities will primarily cater to unemployed or underemployed young men and women to increase their ability to compete in relevant segments of work. The Program will skill beneficiaries to perform IT and ITā€enabled services. It is expected that through this training the beneficiaries will increase their employability in the local ICT market.



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